About Me

Hi Everyone,

My name is Barbara.  I'm 63 year old legal assistant, mother of a grown daughter and son, grandmother to two and an avid pinner (Barbara0101) on Pinterest.  I am also a diabetic since 2008.  Like many diabetics, I have gone from periods of great readings to days when I couldn't get out of bed.  This past December  I went into a serious brain fog while my numbers shot through the ceiling.  It scared me and I decided to take it seriously; to change my lifestyle, not just get my numbers back up.  To do that, I had to start at the beginning by re-educating myself about diabetes and reassembling all of the little pieces, like a jigsaw puzzle, in a way that would make my life a beautiful picture from here on out.  Join me as I research, read and write about the information I find.  


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  1. I love it here....I'm glad you found me so now I can stalk you. :-)