Friday, April 26, 2013

Using Smartphone Apps to Manage Your Diabetes

This is a very interesting article about the types of apps that are available on Smartphones to monitor and assist you with your diabetes.  

I have decided to invest in a smartphone to help me since I can't be trusted to record everything I eat (but I can take a picture to remind me to put it in the log).  I have also decided that I would like to see a graph with my hourly, daily, weekly and monthly blood glucose numbers.  It seems to me if I could make the connection between the bouncing numbers and the foods I eat I might be able to make better food choices.  

I've been reading some good personal blogs from people who have done this and it has inspired me to make the investment.  Did anyone say Diabetes is expensive, and in my case, that's just referring to my research and book buying.

How did Diabetics manage before the Internet?   

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