Thursday, May 9, 2013

Diabetes and Exercise

There is no doubt in my case that I hate to exercise.  There is also absolutely no doubt in my case that a 20 minute walk lowers my blood glucose.  If it weren't for my dog Buddy I would never walk the neighborhood.  If you don't have a dog to give you that added incentive to walk, here are a few of the other things I do: (1) take a camera and shoot pretty flowers (I prefer macros of just the bloom); (2) dig out those cassettes you claim you no longer have and groove to the music; (3) call you health-buddy and talk (even though you might sound like an obscene phone caller breathing heavy into the phone, your buddy will put up with it and even tell you when your breathing gets easier!); (4) if all else fails, pull out your prayer beads and pray for improved health and the strength to get you there or just count your blessings.  

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