Sunday, May 19, 2013

Diabetes and Food Labels

I wrote an earlier post about coffee creamers.  I use Coffee-Mate.  I love my morning coffee.  I drink about a cup and a half each morning and those few moments in my day are totally mine.  Totally dedicated to my happiness.  Depending on the day of the week, I drink my coffee, read my email, organize my desk, talk to my dog, or just wake up slowly.

My previous research on coffee creamers proved that I put more creamer in my coffee than I should to keep my sugar and fat in line for the day.  But, with that information in hand, I choose to balance the rest of my day around the amount of sugar in the creamer.  And, what is diabetes about?  Keeping track of the sugar in the products we eat.

Reading further on the subject I find this article on creamers and, guess what, they, the product maker, may not be quite honest with the consumer, namely me.

It is past time for vendors to become accountable.  I want to buy a can of soup or a container of creamer or any other food product and read the label which should CORRECTLY reflect 1 tablespoon
(or liter or pound) = X calories with Y sugars, Z fats, ZZ sodium or whatever other ingredients a person may need to count for their health issues.

These are health issues are important.  People live and die by the statistics on the label of food.  We, the consumer, are experts at misreading the label and misinforming the ourselves.  We do not need help making a healthy diet harder.  We have the choice of sugar or no sugar.  We have the choice of high sodium content or low sodium.  We do not want to take out a pen, paper and calculator before we open a can of tuna or sloppy joe or spinach.  We want to look on the label, see what portion size we are allowed and happily and easily consume the correct amount.


That reminded me of a scene from the 1976 movie Network starring Peter Finch  and Faye Dunaway.  

This is exactly what I want to say to the food producers.  If you can't make a label I can read and use realistically in my life, then don't bother spending your advertising dollar on me because I'm not using your product and I'm going to tell everyone I know to boycott your product until I can read the damned label and use it.  

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