Sunday, June 16, 2013


I did not write much last week.  I was having motivation and hunger issues.

I seem to go through periods of hunger - not for anything special - but a feeling no meal seems to satisfy.

Before I was diagnosed with Diabetes I would have severe Energy Drops for which I had to have - you know it's coming - Chocolate.  This makes perfect sense in a Diabetic sort of way.  You are tired - you eat sugar - your blood glucose rises and you race around - your blood glucose drops and you repeat the cycle.

This hunger is different.  It is a stand in front of the ice box and nothing looks good sort of hunger.  Does anyone else have this?  What do you do to satisfy it?

I suppose the answer is to look at my food diary - which I don't keep - and take a reading each time this happens.  May be it is a fore-warner of an impending up or down.

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