Friday, May 24, 2013

Diabetes and Tips for Losing Weight

We all know weight issues increase the problems that come with diabetes.

Just like I don't want to exercise, I don't want to count calories or carbs or sugars.  I just want to eat without all the hassle.  My new best-laid-plan is PORTION CONTROL.

I'm not a pasta, rice or bread aficionado, thank goodness, but I'll use those carbs as examples.  If I felt I would die without one of these carbs at a reasonable interval, I think PORTION CONTROL is the way I would handle it.

There are many gadgets out there that measure for you.  My suggestion is to try the gadget that looks like a baby's divided feeding bowl.  Then put that CONTROLLED PORTION of rice in there.  One helping, one time, once a week.  Would that help you?

If you knew that portion was coming could you stay away from the mac 'n cheese, the dinner rolls or, god forbid, the cinnabon?

Yesterday I had 4 Halloween-size candies (2 Reese's peanut butter cups and 2 Baby Ruths).  Remember that Chocolate is my Devil.  I can't have just one and even those very, very small helpings of chocolate were over my limit.  But I did feel good.  I surpassed my limit but I acknowledged my limit, met the Devil head on and did a pretty good job of resisting him.

I wasn't perfect, but I'm pretty proud.

PS:  I did take my walk last night and I do feel better today.  My numbers came way down but I found I was extra hungry.  Think I'll do a little research on that next.  

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