Sunday, June 2, 2013

Diabetes and Stress

Some days there is no pretty picture to describe life.  Some days are loaded with worries and concerns - about myself, about others.  Today is about others.  

My mother is in the hospital.  She has tumors on several organs.  She is uncomfortable but not in uncontrollable pain - not yet.  Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the hospital with her.  She seemed to improve.  Her color was better.  She was thirsty and drinking water (dehydration and vomiting being a serious problem for her).  I left the hospital feeling things were in good shape.  This morning my sister tells me about everything that went wrong last night and this morning.  

Our bodies are such a confusing mess sometimes.  

Then there is also the daughter-in-law.  She is in the hospital in another city.  She is in labor a month early.  My son is worried to death.  They just moved to this new city and there are no friends and family to call on.  

Helping family with medical problems can be so frustrating.  Dealing with my own diabetes is frustrating enough but I can take a reading, take a shot, go for a walk, or ingest glucose.  I do have the slightest bit of control and ability to help myself.  

With my mother and d-i-l I feel helpless.  I want to take control but, let's face it, I don't know sh-- about their conditions.  I don't have the experience there that I do with my own condition.  

Frustrated, worried and afraid. 

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